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You CAN Beat Anxiety!

(Without spending years in therapy, spending hours listening to podcasts, or buying more self-help books)


 The Fearless Woman Coaching Program is designed specifically for women like you who are ready to ditch anxiety and embrace lasting calm and confidence. This isn't self-help fluff; it's a proven strategy for mental resilience.


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Are You Ready
to Kick Your Anxiety to the Curb?


The Fearless Woman Coaching Program

with Carrie Howard LCSW, CCATP


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 Learn the Proven Secrets for Ditching Your Anxiety for Good in my Transformative 6-month Virtual Coaching Program

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Here's What a Few Coaching Clients are Saying...


“Working with Carrie has exceeded my expectations… I’ve seen therapists off and on for years and always just felt like I was talking about my problems with a friend, but not making much change. Now after working with Carrie for 4 months so far, for the first time, I’m actually gaining confidence and learning skills that are helping! Anxiety just doesn’t feel scary anymore now that I have the tools I need… Also, there have been times when I reached out with questions and she is always very responsive… to say I’m grateful I found her is an understatement!” - A. S.


"I'm so happy I found Carrie and was able to enroll in her program. The material is great, and comes with clear examples that have helped understand how my brain and anxiety works. Carrie is very knowledgeable, attentive and compassionate. I feel seen and heard, and I can't thank Carrie enough for creating this amazing program. - D. A.


“Things are actually starting to come together for me. I have the tools to manage these thoughts and I don’t have to let them carry me away in anxiety anymore!” - J. J. 


“I can’t tell you how much I’m learning and growing already and it’s only been a couple weeks! I’m so very glad I took the leap and signed up!” - M. R.


“My anxious thoughts are so much more manageable now and aren’t spiraling out of control anymore!” - R. K.

“After being in the program, I’m more intentional about being present now. I’ve been noticing and labeling my anxiety and also learning to enjoy the present moment much more. It helps. It’s truly helping so much!" - S. A. 


“I feel so grateful for this group because of all the tangible support I’ve been getting that I didn’t realize I needed!” - B. G.


“I absolutely love this program. Honestly, coming to the coaching calls is one of the favorite parts of my week. I look forward to all the encouragement, teaching, and support I always get. Being a part of this experience was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself.” - K. E. 


"I started The Fearless woman coaching program two months into the beginning of what was a terrifying journey of anxiety and panic.  Meeting Carrie made me feel like for the first time, someone truly understood what I was going through.  I am so grateful to Carrie and The Fearless Woman Coaching Program and the invaluable help and information I have learned in such a relatable way… I completely and totally trust Carrie and recommend anyone suffering with anxiety to sign up for this program. This has made such a positive difference in my life. I will never be able to thank her enough!" J. E. 


Meet Carrie, LCSW, CCATP


My knowledge of anxiety and fear go far beyond book knowledge and years of professional experience.


I've known the pain of struggling to manage my anxiety ever since I was a child. I especially struggled with panic, social anxiety, excessive worry, and fear-based limiting beliefs that held me back from so many fulfilling opportunities, experiences, and relationships.


Because I used to be completely stuck and held back by my anxiety, the big dreams I had for my life always stayed on the back burner because I was so paralyzed by my fear and poor self-image.  I was in survival mode - a slave to many unhealthy and toxic coping mechanisms.


So, when it comes to deeply understanding what you're going through, I truly get it because I've been there myself!


When I finally decided that I was done living my life defined and controlled by my anxiety, taking those first actionable steps toward genuine freedom was the one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Today, I'm an anxiety coach, a licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Provider. Now that I have experienced my own healing and recovery from anxiety and fear, it’s my passion and privilege to help other women who are wanting a path to freedom as well.  Women like you!


It would be an honor if you'd join us in The Fearless Woman Coaching ProgramI think you'll find it enormously helpful in your journey to be free from crippling anxiety and fear.



The Fearless Woman Coaching Program Will Teach You...


How to Master Your Anxiety Instead of Letting it Master You



In The Fearless Woman Coaching Program, I combine the powerful combination of
holistic strategies, skills, and techniques that I learned on my own recovery from anxiety,
along with my 8 years of clinical experience as a licensed therapist. 


I'll show you how to break the cycles of chronic anxiety
so you can become calm, confident and in control
from the boardroom to the family room.



You'll no longer get hijacked by anxiety, fears, and endless worries.
And you'll thrive in the most fearless, dynamic, and fulfilling life.


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This Program is For You if....


  • You're tired of anxiety and fear hindering your life and you're ready to take back control
  • Anxiety, fears, and constant worries are dominating your mind, and prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest
  • You often feel anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed out. You know there must be more to life than always living in survival mode
  • Your self-confidence, relationships, career, and other important areas of your life are being adversely impacted by anxiety and fear
  • You have a strong desire to recover and finally manifest your big dreams about your future

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