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Why am I so passionate about what I do? Because I used to be completely stuck and held back by my anxiety! I had dreams for my life, but they always sat on the back burner because I was so paralyzed by my fear and poor self-image.  I was in survival mode - a slave to many unhealthy and toxic coping mechanisms.

I will never forget what it felt like to heal and recover. My eyes were opened to a whole new life before me - one where there was nothing standing in the way of me thriving in my true potential!

I now utilize the powerful combination of tools I learned on my own recovery journey and my 10 years of clinical experience as a licensed therapist to help women like you ditch anxiety and thrive in a fearless, fulfilling life.

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What the heck is anxiety coaching anyway?


I don't want you to accept that your fear and anxiety define you. You are NOT your anxious thoughts or "just an anxious person". You are an incredible, talented, creative and capable individual, but your anxiety has been hindering you from reaching your fullest potential. 

Through anxiety therapy or coaching (depending on which is right for you), we will explore and identify what is keeping you stuck and work together collaboratively to overcome those trouble spots. We'll practice effective strategies that actually CHANGE your relationship with fear and anxiety and give you back control of your life!

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