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Meet Carrie, LCSW, CCATP


Hey there, friend. If you're here, it might be because you're struggling with anxiety. And if you're struggling, there's probably nothing better than discovering there is an anxiety specialist that not only is a clinical expert in treating anxiety, but ALSO has been through similar struggles personally, too!
My knowledge of anxiety and fear go far beyond book knowledge and years of professional experience...


I've known the pain of struggling to manage my anxiety ever since I was a child. I especially struggled with panic, social anxiety, excessive worry, and fear-based limiting beliefs that held me back from so many fulfilling opportunities, experiences, and relationships.
So, when it comes to deeply understanding what you're going through, I truly get it because I've been there myself!


Because I used to be completely stuck and held back by my anxiety, the big dreams I had for my life always stayed on the back burner because I was so paralyzed by my anxiety and poor self-image.  I was in survival mode - a slave to many unhealthy and toxic coping mechanisms.

When I finally decided that I was done living my life defined and controlled by my anxiety, taking those first actionable steps toward genuine freedom was the one of the best decisions I've ever made.


Today, I'm an anxiety therapist and coach, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Provider. Now that I have experienced my own healing and recovery from anxiety and fear, it’s my passion and privilege to help others who are wanting to finally get their lives back from the grip of anxiety as well.  People just like you!

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